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Mental Wellness and Exercise
Mental Wellness and Exercise

The Benefits of Exercise on Mental Wellness

Did you know that your overall well-being is dependent upon two things: physical health and mental wellness? These two should never be separate if one were to achieve a truly balanced state of mental and physical health. And the health of both has much to do with one’s gut, according to Amare Global; to be more precise, the microbes within one’s gut microbiome.

Briefly, the gut microbiome has more than 100 trillion bacterial cells and some of these microbes are responsible for the production of neurotransmitters (they produce more neurotransmitters than the brain), and these neurotransmitters affect your mood and perception, among others. Between the “walls” of gut health and mental wellness lie the connection that could either enhance or worsen the state of both. This is called the gut brain axis.

Amare Global reviews exercise and mental wellness

If one is feeling sad, depressed, stressed, or lethargic, there could be an imbalance in the gut brain axis, which means there could be a decreased number of neurotransmitters produced. Apart from eating a healthy diet, taking supplements and vitamins, and getting enough rest, mental wellness can be achieved and enhanced through exercise.

As Hiep Tran, humanitarian entrepreneurship, financial wellness, and servant leadership advocate, says, “Exercise is a natural mood-booster. Physical activity in general is good as it releases endorphins, which is a group of hormones that regulates the body’s sense of pain and stress. I like to call it ‘happy hormones.’ And when you exercise, your body releases more of these chemicals.”

Additionally, your body begins to relax as your exercise; meaning, it loosens up the muscles and relieves tension and the more you begin to feel your body relaxing, the more you’re releasing all the stresses and anxiety you’ve been feeling. This cycle, overall, enhances your mental health.

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