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Children’s Mental Wellness and Gut Microbiome
Children’s Mental Wellness and Gut Microbiome

Children’s Mental Wellness Can Benefit from a Good Gut Microbiome

Recent advancements in gut microbiome science have revealed that your mental wellness can greatly benefit from the ingestion of specific live bacteria, also known as probiotics. Simply put, eating the right food can enhance the health of your brain. As such, every parent should be aware of the importance of the right nutrition to their children’s mental and overall health.

The brain and the gut are connected thanks to a communication system known as the gut brain axis. This consists of neurotransmitters, millions of nerves, and millions of gut microbes that are responsible for the transmission of information between the two organs.

Supplements have been developed that contain probiotics that are known to specifically boost mental wellness. Children, however, aren’t too keen on taking capsules or pills daily. For this reason, the Amare Global team—who are strong advocates of humanitarian entrepreneurship, financial wellness, servant leadership and mental wellness—has developed Kids FundaMentals, which is a delicious formula containing probiotics and other nutrients that support the gut brain axis. And because it’s in powder form, it can be mixed with any drink that a child or teenager of any age will enjoy.

The positive effects of a gut microbiome that’s home to probiotics has been observed by Amare Global. Reviews of related scientific studies will also reveal how food rich in ingredients beneficial to the gut brain axis can reduce brain disorder risks; reduce negative mood states such as stress and tension; improve emotional well-being and mental acuity; and improve physical energy.

In addition to the above benefits, it has been observed in clinical trials that Kids FundaMentals can support the growth and vitality of a variety of good gut bacteria; and enhance verbal and visual recall by 28%, thereby increasing short-term and long-term memory.

If you’re curious to know how else Kids FundaMentals can contribute to your child’s mental wellness, please feel free to contact Amare Global through their corporate website. For more Amare Global reviews, and information on the company’s humanitarian entrepreneurship, servant leadership or financial wellness advocacies, keep coming back to this blog site!


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